Interior Designers’ Fiesta: Crafting Connections

Interior Designers’ Fiesta: Crafting Connections

We at Comodo have recently hosted a captivating event that brought together various product designers and interior design company representatives. The event served as a unique opportunity for industry professionals to delve into the heart of Comodo's furniture production, fostering collaboration, networking, and insightful discussions on the challenges within the furniture manufacturing industry.

exploring the production house

the event kicked off with an exclusive tour of comodo's production house, where 20+ attendees witnessed the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating each piece of comodo furniture. from the carefully selected materials to the skilled artisans at work, the tour provided an immersive experience into the world of quality furniture production.

Interior Designers’ Fiesta: Crafting Connections

Comodo's Storytime

Next up was a presentation. Set against the backdrop of Comodo's own pieces, attendees experienced our story, mission, and exciting partnerships with companies like Futuris, Kulthome, Storaket, zenit, arch studio, mood studio, and ca design Architectural Studios. We wanted our guests not just to hear about Comodo but to feel it, sitting on our very own sofas and armchairs. 

Addressing Industry Challenges

The spotlight then shifted to the challenges interior designers face today. The scarcity of high-quality kids' furniture in the Armenian market emerged among the challenges discussed. We were happy to share our collection of kids' furniture, which promises both superior quality and aesthetic appeal—a solution that resonated positively with the attending designers.


Post-discussion, we swapped the formalities for a more relaxed vibe. Wine glasses clinked, and conversations flowed as we delved into potential collaborations. The goal wasn't just to network but to build relationships beyond business—a true community of furniture design enthusiasts.

Building a Community

The core objective of the event was to establish a thriving community of interior designers—a space for the exchange of ideas, mutual learning, and collaborative problem-solving. To extend the connection beyond the event, we created a dedicated Telegram channel. This digital space ensures continuous engagement, facilitating ongoing discussions and laying the groundwork for lasting relationships within the design community. If you also want to be part of it, you're more than welcome to follow the link- 

Already, we're deep in discussions with our designer friends to craft unique pieces that push the boundaries of creativity. Stay tuned as we continue to develop the furniture design and manufacturing industry in Armenia and beyond!